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Welcome! My name is Mrudula and I am the author, editor and photographer of this blog. Although my career is in the field of accounting and finance, I do have a hyperactive right brain that craves being creative, and its latest outlet seems to be the kitchen.

My husband Arun and I live in Alberta, Canada but I was born and raised in Mumbai, India... which will always be my home away from home.

Growing up in India, it was impossible to not love the food. Whether it was family get together during the festivals or trips to our native place during the holidays.... whether it was earthy street food or pompous meals at the restaurant, food is a big part of our culture. India is after all one of the most diverse countries in the world. Its food is influenced by everything from its history and religion to its geography and neighbours. The thing I love most about Indian food is its use of spices and bold flavors that can even transform mundane ingredients into mouth watering treats.

Since my mother is north Indian and my dad south Indian, my palate always enjoyed best of both worlds when it came to food. My grandmothers, my mother and my mother in law are my culinary heroes and I hope someday to be almost as good as them. I have only recently started cooking on my own, and therefore I’m still only a short way up the learning curve.

This blog is a collection of my favourite recipes. Foods i love to cook and love even more to eat. Arun ofcourse is the guinea pig for my culinary experiments, but there is no one more encouraging and supportive than him. Most of these recipes are from my mom’s kitchen, but since variety is the spice of life, I have also adapted some of these recipes from cook books, food blogs and food shows. All these sources will certainly be given due credit.

Thank you for your interest and I truly appreciate any constructive feedback that you may have for me.

Mrudula Nair-Chander   


  1. Hey Paggal,

    Awesome concept and well excuted. Will surely try your receipes and let you know how they went....


  2. Thank you :) Sounds good, let me know.



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